Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And so it begins....Day 1 of training

So, this past weekend has been a whirlwind! We have done so much and traveled so much that we got here and before we knew it we were walking into training and about to start a busy two weeks.

The first day has been great. We are seeing an overview of the next two weeks and also basic information about NICS and how they started. My favorite thing we did all day was a workshop on culture and how to understand different cultures. And of course the reason it was my favorite was because we played a game to understand this concept:) We divided into several groups and we were given a slip of paper that was a guideline of our "culture." Each group had to create their culture. Then another group from a different "culture" would visit your room and the two cultures would interact with each other. After that our culture would visit another groups culture and we would interact with each other. Our group was described as a friendly outgoing culture who is very talkative and lacks personal space. You can imagine how we would clash with a reserved culture who never touched each other or a culture who was quiet and humble. It was neat to see this and talk to others about preparing to enter another country.

As far as Noah goes, he has been adjusting...he has been in the nursery all day and little man isn't too thrilled about it so far. He only took one 30 minute nap the whole day. Which isn't very good. The only benefit I had from that is he went to bed around 8pm and did not get up again until 6:30am (minus a 30 minute feeding) so I got a little much needed sleep:)

Well, that's all for today!!

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