Monday, August 9, 2010

Japanese Grocery Shopping and Cooking

Warning! If you are hungry do not read any further;)

Today my friend Erin took me to the grocery store close to us and helped me learn how to shop there. It was a really fun experience walking down the aisles of sauces, meats, noodles etc. and learning what I could do with them. Here is a picture of my first grocery purchase:

I bought a few sauces that I am going to experiment with and various other things to try. What are they for exactly? I don't know for sure on all of them but I am going to find out!!

Today I started cooking Japanese food. I have always wanted to learn how to make miso soup. Justin loves it so much and I figured in Japan it would be cheaper to make then in the US. So I decided to make it for lunch. Here is a picture of my creation. It was delicious!

And for dinner we had fried noodles with beef, onions, carrots and green peppers, sesame salad, and pork Gyoza! It was also very yummy!! I think I am really going to love cooking Japanese foods! Here is a picture of our dinner I made this evening:)

On tomorrow's menu? Sweet Soy Chicken, Tempura Veggies and Rice. Woo-hoo!


  1. Amy, I am reading your blog! Seems like you guys are doing just fine there in Nagoya so far. We are praying for ya'll. We start school tomorrow. Here we go!


  2. That looks awesome! Can't believe you guys are there.. Miss you guys!! Save me some noodles! :)

  3. Amy~Makes me want some. The before picture looks delicious, now take a picture of the after. Nothing left. haha. Have fun cooking your Japanese dishes. So glad you guys are getting settled.


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