Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day Two...TCK's

Today has been such an information rich day!! We have been to several incredible workshops and I have already benefited so much from them!! Today we talked about TCK's or Third Culture Kids...which are children living outside of their passport country. We talked about how they think, how they relate to other people, their strengths and weaknesses and so many other great topics. Of course going to Southwestern and being around so many TCK's I knew a little about them but not near as much as I thought I did. And this presentation was even more impactful because I am going to have a little TCKer (Noah of course) with me and hearing about this just really helped me a lot to understand what he will be going through and what as a parent will help him while being overseas. I am really excited for Noah to grow up in another culture and experience that. I think it is going to be an incredible thing for him to have such and International mind-set. One of the things I do worry about though is not relating to his "passport" country very much. Growing up in another country means that the way he thinks and reacts will be different than other Americans. This is not neccesaraly a bad thing, but I wonder what that would be like.

Speaking of the little guy, today was a much better day in the nursery. Although still not sleeping much, he has been a happy camper today:) Yay!!

We have met a few of the people from Nagoya through this workshop and have had different times when we have gotten to sit down and talk with them. So far I have really liked them and I am excited to be apart of their community. God is starting to put the pieces together for me in so many ways to prepare me for Nagoya and the more I see the more I just want to get there!!

Well, gotta go pick up Noah from the nursery...continue to pray for us during these two weeks. As this is an amazing training opportunity for is a tiring one. Pray for good rest when we have it and a ready mind as we enter into sessions.

Justin with pretty much everything we own getting ready to be shipped to Japan

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