Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Places in Nagoya Part 1: Our Local Park

Today I decided since it was a nice sunny (but HOT) day Noah and I were going to spend the late afternoon at the park close to our house. I needed to get away from the city a little bit and enjoy some nature and this park was the perfect place for us to go!! We took a bike ride down a few blocks and found the park. We started our time there just walking the trails and looking at the different birds and animals around the park. There were dozens and dozens of turtles in the pond, more turtles then I have ever seen in one place. So we sat and watched them swim around. Then we took a break over by the playground. I sat Noah on the bench and he happily watched the kids playing on the slide. I could tell little man was starting to get tired so we headed back to our house for some nap time:) Here are some pictures from our adventure today:

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