Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sushi for a Dollar (or 100 Yen)? Only in Japan.

I promise my next post will not be about food. But I have to let you all know about our favorite place to eat (so far) in Nagoya. It's conveniently located a block from our house and it is so cheap!! I have no clue what the actual name is but it is known to us as the dollar sushi place. You walk in and they give you a number and you find the number table that you have in your hand. Then you sit down and there is a conveyor belt of sushi that just goes around endlessly bringing sushi goodness to every table in the restaurant. Don't see anything going by you like? Then just special order it! There is a small computer screen attached to your table and you just press the picture and they send it on the conveyor belt as a special order right to your table! When your finished you just slide the plate down a small slot at the end of the table and they count them to know how much you owe. Then a nice waitress comes by, writes down how much you had and your outta there!! It is so fast and yummy!! Here is a couple pictures from our lunch today:


  1. So cool! They just opened up something like that here in town, super cheap and fun :]

  2. I'm not really much of a sushi eater, that is why I thought all sushi was in little rolls. What other food is there to eat in Japan besides sushi? Justin, is that lobster in the plate you are holding? Are there lots of veggies and fruit to eat too? Lots of questions. Just asking.

  3. They have teryaki items, miso soup, tempura of various types. They eat a lot of different noodles and rice. Actually from what we have seen there aren't a super amount of just sushi restaurants. Most are more of a variety. And it has all been very yummy so far:)


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