Friday, October 29, 2010

Culture Shock

It's been a tough week for me. I have been going through a little bit of culture shock.

It was bound to happen eventually.
And here we are.

It's an interesting type of culture shock because I don't want to leave here and I don't hate living here. I just miss parts of America. Parts of Florida. Parts of Texas.

I miss my family in Florida
I miss my friends in Texas
I miss American food
I miss FBC Benbrook
I miss my large mommy support group
I miss English
I miss our Afghan Family

And for a few days this really made me sad. I really wanted to spend a few hours back in the States. Maybe pack a few bags of food and head back this direction. As impossible as that was I thought it would make me feel better. But it wouldn't. What did end up helping me was to look at the blessings that God has given me here and how much I love where I have been placed for this time in my life.

I love our new friends and family at ICAN
I love 100 yen sushi
I love our new church family
I love my new mommy friend that God has blessed me with here
I love learning a new language
I love the people God is going and has placed in our lives for ministry

Yes, I have gained so much more by being here! And although I will always miss what's in the past, it is exciting to experience new things. God has blessed us with so much and even during this time of culture shock I will praise HIM.

Oh, and speaking of things that I love, I LOVE this little Noah Boah...getting so big!!


  1. We miss you too! But God has a plan and a purpose for your family that stretches farther than the US border! Just remember you are loved all around the world!

  2. Amy, thanks for this post; a good reminder that while there are things that we miss from our past there is so much to be thankful for today. Love you friend and miss you!


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