Monday, February 21, 2011

Down that Country Road

You don't realize just how loud the city is until you visit the country.

And that's just what I realized today when we were heading to the other side of the city to run some errands. There is a shortcut Justin found to get to the stores we go to in that area that takes you straight though a little country road in Nagoya. This area is filled with vegetable gardens, rice fields and traditional Japanese homes. I love it out there. I look forward to my trip through the area when take the long ride over to that part of the city.

It's so neat because you are riding through the busy city and then you turn down a long street with no sidewalks and in just a few minutes it is silent. You can hear the birds chirping. You can hear the wind blowing. You can hear the sounds of nature that you wouldn't ever be able to hear in the hustle and bustle of city life. It gives you a moment to think while you past the acres and acres of rice fields.

I needed that moment today. Having a yard in Nagoya is unheard of. If you saw the little patches of grass we call yards here it would make most of you laugh. There is no such thing as owning an acre lot or having a swing set and a doghouse in the backyard. So as you can imagine it is a treat to be able to look out and see acres and acres of land. It was wonderful.

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