Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Baking Disaster.

I love to cook.

I enjoy it so much. I love mixing different sauces and spices together and coming up with something new and delicious. But baking on the other hand is not my strong point. I can do it if it is a pre-mix, packaged, all the ingredients but eggs and water are already in there kind of baking. But from scratch baking? Yeah, you better ask someone else to bake it for you.

We were having a dessert party with a group of ICAN teachers. It was probably for a holiday or something. I can't quite remember what it was for. We had all signed up to bring something. I decided I was going to make some kind of dessert bread, pretty much like I always do when desserts are to be brought to a party.

Why you ask? Because they are easy. You just throw a bunch of ingredients together, mix them up and put them in a bread pan. Ok, there are a few more steps than that but you get my point. They are very hard to mess up. Unless.....

You can't read the labels of products at the grocery store.

I was running late. Noah was in one of his "I'm going to scream and cry because I'm kind of bored" moments. So in a rush I ran into the baking aisle to grab my ingredients.

Flour. Check. Brown Sugar. Check. Sugar. Check.

I had everything I needed. I rushed to the checkout line so I could get out of the store as quickly as possible since we were already being stared at for the dramatic fit my sweet boy was throwing. I paid, bagged my groceries and headed home on my bike.

I got home and started baking immediately. I put everything in that the recipe called for and as usual I took a sampling of the batter, which in my opinion can taste even better than the bread itself. I put my sampling in my mouth and I couldn't believe what I was tasting. It was awful. Actually, awful is being generous. It was beyond disgusting. In fact, there are no words to describe the horrible taste I had in my mouth. As Noah sat on the floor laughing at my reaction to the mess, I was pretty sure I knew exactly what was wrong. I had bought salt instead of sugar.

Later on in the day, when I had eaten enough other things to get the gross taste out of my mouth and Noah was sleeping soundly, I had to think about what I could get out of this mess to help change my thinking.

And it came down to this simple fact.

This bread batter that I made looked so delicious, I was convinced that it was going to be as delicious as ever. But it wasn't because something I put into the mix just wasn't right.

And salt is good, in the right amount and in the right recipes. Salt can make something taste extremely delicious. But too much of it or in the wrong place can lead to an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

So I had to think, what is the salt in my life right now?

Mine was (and still is) most definitely the internet. The internet helps me in so many ways. I find recipes for dinners, figure out the "how-to's" of raising a child, communicate with my family back home, etc. But when I spend hours on the internet when there are other things that need to be done around me (AKA: play with Noah, wash the dishes, my quiet time) it can become something that isn't so good very quickly.

What is the salt in your life right now?

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