Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Week Tomorrow

Almost a Week
I can't believe it has been almost a week since the earthquake and tsunami hit. It has been quite an emotional week for us. We've been experiencing fear and sadness throughout this situation, but we have also experienced sweet joy in the fact that God is watching over us throughout this time. And our faith has been growing from this experience as well. From a late night aftershock a few days ago to a scare of a possible evacuation(which turned out to be the media hyping something up that just wasn't) we have really had to trust Christ through this whole thing and it has been quite an experience.

Perry Family Update
As of right now we are still out of harms way here in Nagoya. I know the news media is making it sound as if our area is being evacuated but this is not the case. We are well out of the way of the nuclear plant situation here. Continue to pray for us and everyone else who is here.

Pray Tomorrow (Friday) at 2:46pm
Tomorrow is exactly one week since the earthquake hit this country. It was at 2:46pm. Our school has decided to stop classes at 2:46pm tomorrow and have a time of prayer for everything going on right now in Japan. I'd like to encourage everyone tomorrow at 2:46pm to stop and take a moment to pray for this country. I have written two posts below this one with prayer points if you need some guidance of how to pray. Thank you so much for continuing to lift this country up to the Father. It is greatly needed.

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