Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Lettuce Garden.

We were going through the normal routine of getting drinks and snacks and food for Noah at the drug store near our house when something caught my eye as we were going inside. Beautiful potted flowers. I just had to take a look. And in the bottom right hand corner of the flower area I saw three small green plants. And then I realized they were red leaf lettuce. And then I saw the price tag.

Whoa. That's a great price. So I went around the store, priced out how much it would cost to buy a pot, some soil, and some fertilizer and I realized it was only going to cost me a little over 500 yen (6 bucks). Now with the prices of food in this country I was so excited to give this a try. So Noah and I loaded up our new treasures into his stroller and headed home.

I was like a kid on Christmas when we got home. Excited about letting Noah play in the dirt for the time and excited that I just might have found a way to save (just a little) money for our family. I put Noah in an old onesie, swept our back porch off and we set out to work.

Noah had never been on the back porch before because it has been so cold here. So the minute I opened the sliding glass door and motioned for him to go out he took off like a race horse for the door. He was so excited he was allowed to go out. I took the pot, prepared the bottom of it and then poured in the soil and then let Noah touch it. At first he was reluctant to do anything with it. Then he touched it with one finger. And then I had to practically dive to stop him from sticking his whole face in the dirt to see what it tastes like. About 30 minutes later I sat with my son, both of us filthy dirty but extremely happy, as we both looked at our new little addition to our back porch: our lettuce garden

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  1. We're trying to spend as much time in the backyard as we can. Sometimes I think our yard is so small but we're actually very lucky compared to you guys in an apartment with very little private outdoor space. We have planted several veggie beds and this year we have a small coop with 3 chickens (yep - Urban Chicks in the backyard). Noah will have so much fun playing with Aiden in the yard when they get here. We'll let him dig in the Aiden's sand-table and play in the water too! Can't wait until it's June!


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