Saturday, October 1, 2011

Noah's First Music Class

Since this is our second year and the major culture shock is over, Noah and I are really trying to get out and meet people in the community. I have been blessed to meet a women in our neighborhood who I meet with that is learning English. We are teaching each other the languages we know and it has helped a lot. I have also really enjoyed her friendship. She has a little boy that is Noah's age, which is perfect! Noah and I also hang out at different children's play places during the day in hopes of meeting new people. A few days ago Noah and I went to a children's music class.

As you can tell by the pictures, Noah had no problem being the center of attention. And of course he was, as usual, because of his blonde hair, blue eyes and of course his overall cuteness (although I tend to be a little biased.)

We'll be attending this music class once a month and I am really hoping to build some relationships with the moms in this class and let Noah meet some new friends. Will you pray for us as we make new friendships?

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