Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day Trip to Nara

Last weekend we have the opportunity (Thank you SO MUCH Scadding Family!)to get out of Nagoya for a day and experience the wonderful and beautiful Nara. We had about a two hour car ride to get there. We were able to see some snow on the way. It was so nice to ride and a car and look at the different parts of Japan on the way. We ride the subway most places and we are underground so we miss a lot. Japan is so beautiful.

Nara was such a fun place. When we arrived the first thing we noticed is that the place is completely covered in wild deer. And when I say covered I mean it. We we surrounded by them all. day. long.

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...It was a lot of fun to see Noah interact with the deer. He wasn't so sure about being right up close and personal with them, but he did enjoy feeding them rice crackers while being held by mommy or daddy and talking about them all day long. He also was very interested in a all the gravel roads. He was so excited to be surrounded by so many rocks to check out all day.

The main temple in Nara, Tōdai-ji(home of a famous Buddha), was so beautiful. The pictures just don't do it justice.

We also took a hike and found some other temples as well. One of my favorites was one we had to climb several sets of stairs to get up to. But it was so worth it. The view was gorgeous and the temple itself was pretty breath-taking.

We were able to eat at a pretty fun restaurant as well. Since we had three very active little boys with us on this journey it was wonderful. Basically the restaurant was set up booth style all around a giant model train set up. It was really fun and Noah enjoyed watching the trains while he ate his spaghetti.

We actually went up to Nara for a pretty famous festival. It is the festival of fire where they light a side of a mountain on fire to get rid of the dry grass and debris. They also had a pretty amazing fire works display that was really fun to watch.

This was one of my most favorite days in Japan thus far. It was incredible being surrounded by Japanese history. And being surrounded by wild deer all day wasn't so bad either.

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