Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Packing, Packing, Packing!!!!

Mommy and Noah taking a break from all the packing!!

Well, we are going through the fun stage of packing or getting rid of all our belongings! We have less than two weeks to finish up so it is very busy right now!! It is such a different experience preparing to move Internationally. You can't just throw it in a u-haul and pull it out when you get there. Everything has to be carefully and strategically packed. Which is a big job! Anyway, Just wanted to give you a few dates to remember us and pray for us as well!!

*June 12th- Our final Garage Sale. Pray that everything sells and that we raise money for our travels during this time! Also, come check it out if you'd like to buy something!! 8am:)

*June 19th- Leaving Fort Worth. Pray that everything goes smoothly and we have safe travel to PFO.

*June 21st- PFO (Training for Japan) starts and we have a busy two weeks ahead of us!! Pray for us that we may use every minute that we can preparing ourselves for the field!

*July 2nd- Heading to Florida to spend a month saying "see ya later" to our family and friends!

*August 3rd- Our flight leaves for Japan- Please pray for safe travels and a very sleepy 5 month old;)

Thank you so much for keeping up with our ministry and praying for us!


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