Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sayōnara Fort Worth!

Noah ready for the road!!

Today we are starting our crazy busy summer by heading out of Fort Worth and heading to Memphis for training. After a few weeks of non-stop packing and cleaning we were so ready for this adventure towards Japan to begin! As we passed downtown Fort Worth for the last time it was a bittersweet feeling. I am so excited about our future in Japan, but Justin and I talked about how much we will miss Fort Worth. Not only is it a really fun city, the people God has placed in our life over the last three years have been such great friends to us. We really will miss that city:)

Next we continued through Texas and started out journey through Arkansas. It is a very, well, woodsy state...haha. We stopped in Hope for a bite to eat and then listened to music and sang our way to Little Rock. One of the really neat things we saw on the way was the lightning bugs flying around the trees as we drove in the dark on the interstate. It was really pretty to see all the little white lights all over the place!

Well, we are here in Little Rock and ready to get a good night's sleep so we will be ready to head to Southhaven, MS in the morning!!

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