Monday, August 9, 2010

We Made It To Nagoya!!

Well, here we are in Japan! We are on day five of unpacking, getting over jet lag, and running around the city to learn about everything we can. So far we really enjoying our time here!! So here are some updates of the last week for our blog readers:

Our flight was not half as bad as I worried it would be. We got up the morning of our flight at 1am, only three hours of sleep and basically sleepwalked to the car. We arrived at the airport and headed to Chicago from Tampa. Noah did great on this flight. In fact he slept through 90% of the flight! Next was the most dreaded of them all the Chicago to Tokyo flight. This was actually the most relaxing of all the flights we took. We were able to get the bulk head seats which led to great leg room but the best part of that is we were able to hook a bassinet on the wall right in front of us. Noah really loved it. It was like his own private little "tree house" as we called it. He slept in there, played,and watched the flight attendants and people heading to the bathroom walk back and forth through the aisles etc. It actually gave me a little time to sleep and I actually watched my first full movie since Noah was born!! Once we landed in Tokyo we were all pretty exhausted, Noah started to get cranky and we were ready to be in Nagoya. Luckily our flight was only 45 mins from Tokyo to Nagoya. The flight attendants on this flight just LOVED Noah! They took turns holding him, playing with him and giving him toys for hims to keep. It was so funny! We arrived in Nagoya EXHAUSTED and found our NICS group that was picking us up. We headed to our home and crashed! Of course that was our roughest night because Noah thought it was daytime.

Our time so far here in Nagoya has been very exciting and busy! We have been walking around the city figuring out grocery stores, home good stores, restaurants, riding the public trains, and so much more. Some of the highlights of our exploring time have been riding the train and subways to downtown Nagoya where we found the coolest 100 yen store (AKA: Dollar Store)! It has EVERYTHING you can imagine being in a dollar store! Speaking of one dollar we also found this killer sushi restaurant a block from our house where each sushi plate is $1 (or 100 yen)! It is a lot of fun. The sushi goes around the restaurant on a conveyor belt and you just take it and eat! It is quite the experience!

Justin starts work on Thursday so he is reading over his textbooks and getting excited about starting work teaching! We have met a lot of the staff here in Nagoya at the school Justin works at and they are wonderful people! So helpful and nice and we are really looking forward to getting to know them better over the next two years!

Noah has been having a bit of a rough time with this transition. We are still working on the sleep though the night routine but we had a road block thrown at us...teething. Oh wow is it ever bad! He pulls at his gums and screams throughout the day. And of course they hurt at night as well. He has two little teeth on the bottom and his top ones are on the way. We started solids a few days ago and that has been a lot of fun! He is eating bananas and baby cereal like a champ! Here are a couple of pictures from his first cereal feeding:

I will say Sayonara for now:) More pictures and updates to come!!


  1. Thanks for the update. Glad you are adjusting to your new surroundings in Japan. I am sure it is fun just getting out and exploring. Noah has grown since I last saw him not too long ago. He is so cute!! He has the most "beautiful blue eyes"!! Keep posting for us. I look forward to your next post. Love you, Mom

  2. Glad you all had a good flight! I would have to agree that the 100 yen store has puts the American Dollar Store to shame:))

  3. Just wanted to let you guys know that we are praying for you:) It's looks like you guys are going to have an amazing time! Keep posting and we'll keep praying! Love ya=)


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