Thursday, September 2, 2010


God has really blessed us in so many ways already here in Japan. We had no idea how things were going to work out exactly but everything has come together so well. I thought I would post three things that have happened recently:

Our shipment came in and we did not have to pay customs.
We thought for a while that we were going to have to pay a bunch of money to the government to get our things here from the U.S. but it came in and they did not charge us anything!

Our Japanese Visas came back in 48 hours.
This is unheard of in Japan. Usually it takes three months or so to get these back. We need these to get a Japanese bank account and other really important things and we did not have to wait near as long as many others.

We found a free bookshelf and rocking chair that was perfect for Noah's room.
Now this seems so little but these were a huge blessing for me. The bookshelf was in great shape and left on the side of the road with a free sign on it. We don't have a ton of money right now and things can be on the expensive side in Japan so this was wonderful. Also rocking chairs are unheard of in Japan so it was wonderful to find one. Yay!

And these are just three of the many many blessing that God has poured out on us in just our few weeks of being here. We are so thankful for these things and so much more!

Oh, and by the way our little blessing is 6 months old today!! Wow!! He is such a sweet boy and we are blessed beyond words to have him in our lives:)


  1. Praise the Lord!
    He is faithful and SO GOOD to us!
    I can't believe he's 6 months already.
    You're awesome Noah :]

  2. Auntie Shell loves you Noah! Tell your mommy and daddy to give you shuggies for me!


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