Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Night Out at Outback!

Last night we were given the oppurtunity to eat at Outback steakhouse in downtown Nagoya. Of course we wouldn't turn down our chance to eat a little American food so we jumped at the chance to go! The whole NICS crew went down and enjoyed a meal together. Many of you back home have asked me to tell you if it was different then in the States and it really wasn't. It was delicious just like back home and the steak might have even been a little better! One of the nice things last night was we actually got to order in English which was nice because usually we just point at the menu and hope we get what we want:) We really do love Japanese food and restaurants but it was nice to have a taste of home! Of course I finished the meal with a Chocolate Thunder from Down Under...and of course that is amazing no matter what Country you are eating it in:) Here is a picture of the Outback we went to:

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