Monday, September 20, 2010

Expo Park Adventure

Today Justin had the day off so we got to enjoy a little extra family time this week! We decided that this would be the perfect time to check out the Expo park!! In 2005 the World expo was held in Nagoya. Now the area that was the Expo is now a really big really nice park. This park includes ice skating, a water park, several walking trails, a children's museum, a tea room, several places to eat, places to play sports, a small fair-like area with a huge Ferris wheel, a really nice playground, etc. etc. We did not expect it to be as big as it actually was! We did not get to do the whole park today but we did walk around part of it. We saw the indoor water park which consists of three large slides, a lazy river and a few other pools and we also saw the ice skating rink. After we walked around some we found a spot on the grass and put a blanket down and let Noah play for a little while. He really enjoyed being outside in the nice weather. I think this will definitely be a place we visit a lot because most of it is free!! Here are a few more pictures of the park!!

Daddy and Noah at the Expo Park!

The Indoor Water Park

Noah and Mommy Enjoying the Day!


  1. Is that fake grass? Everything looks so nice and clean. The indoor pool park is uncrowded. Can we come play?

  2. Sure, come play anytime! And, yes, the portion we were sitting on was artificial grass, but there is plenty of real grass too.


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