Sunday, October 3, 2010

Northstar Retreat

This past week we were blessed to go on a trip with the secondary students to the Mountains. Noah and I were invited along which was wonderful because we got to experience the mountains and spend time with Justin's students and we didn't have to say good-bye to Justin for a few days!! We had a beautiful ride up to Northstar. The mountains were just stunning. I have never in my life seen such beautiful mountains. It just made me stop for a few minutes and think about the beauty of God's creation and had to thank Him for making all he did for us. When we reached the lodge we were greeted by a group of young adults ready to start our exciting few days there. First the kids were lead in some team building games. They really enjoyed this a lot. It was fun to watch them all work together. Then we had dinner and it was amazing. The food there was so good the whole time we were there! Devotional time was every night and each night one of the teachers challenged the students to not wear a follow Christ and not to follow the crowd. Justin spoke on Thursday night and he did a great job sharing with them through God's word. The students also did things like rock climb, hike to a waterfall, played various games, and enjoyed each others company and the company of the teachers. I really think this time made the group a lot closer to each other. We had a blast and I wish I could post all 200 of my pictures here but I can't. I posted a lot of them on facebook for everyone to see so check them out there...but here are a couple to enjoy:)

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