Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day- Japanese Style.

Warning: This post is filled with lots of cooking and lots of eating. But then again, since it's written by me, I bet you're not surprised.

I went late night grocery shopping the night before Valentine's Day at our local grocery store. And just like America there were aisles and aisles of chocolate and other candies in the famous red, pink and white boxes that come out every February. But the site I saw made me laugh because it is so different from America. When I looked down the aisles of chocolate I didn't see a bunch of guys scratching their heads, trying to figure out what kind of chocolate variety they should buy there significant other. No, actually I saw a bunch of woman shopping for the men in their life!!!

Japan has a different spin on Valentine's Day than America. Valentine's Day is all about the girls buying sweets and gifts for the guys. But ladies, don't you worry, your turn will come next month when White Day comes around and then you will be showered with gifts from your man.

So, since we are living in Japan, I thought it would be fun to spoil the two guys in my life, my husband and my Noah Boah. So here's a recap of our day (oh, and please excuse my blurry pictures. My camera is dying):

First I spent the day with my junior Valentine. We started off the day spending the early afternoon at our local Children's Center. Then we came home to a fun snack of graham crackers (his favorite) and oranges (his other favorite). We really enjoyed our mommy-son time during the day.

Now it was time to spoil my husband. First, I decided I was going to make dinner and his candy by scratch. There are three things I have always wanted to try to make from scratch- breadsticks, peanut butter cups and pasta. So I decided I would just make all three! So I did! I sent the peanut butter cups in Justin's lunch box to school (of course saving a few to snack on myself) and then I made a nice fancy dinner (table cloth, candles and all). We had Salmon with Spinach Alfredo(this is where the homemade pasta came into play), an Italian Salad, and "Almost Famous Bread Sticks" It was so good! We completed the night with chocolate covered strawberries.

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day this year?

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  1. The food looks delish, and chocolate covered strawberries.....yumyum!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful Valentine's dinner. I almost didn't recognize Justin? He looks like he did when he lived in Ecuador. I am eating homemade Valentine shaped pizzas at Michele's....chicken and spinach and pepperoni. Well, gotta go eat my pizzas now.

  2. I posted on Michele's FB page. oops! MomP

  3. Sounds soooo good!! I hope you enjoy them!! Doesn't his hair look great?!?! I love it:)

  4. Ok...this is Michele for real this time :)

    I made homemade pizza's (including the dough) for my loves Rodney, Aiden, Dana and Nana. We did cheese and peperoni and chicken & spinach. They were individual sized so each person got 2 mini-pizzas. There were so good! First V-day ever that we did NOT get chocolate...trying hard on this new LOW fat diet. We did ok though!

  5. Sounds awesome and looks yummy too!! I like that White Day idea!!! Wow, Justin's hair is really curly!! I like it! -Sarah


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