Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friday Phone Dump (Saturday Edition).

I've wanted to do something that would give our readers a look into our life every week here in Japan. I thought it to be super boring to just write a play by play on the happenings of our week. But I couldn't figure out what else would work.

And then there was instagram.

If you can't already tell by most of the pictures on here, I LOVE instagram. It makes beautiful pictures out of ordinary photos with two simple clicks on the iphone. So I thought it would be perfect to drop our pictures in one collage that I had taken all week on instagram.

So, here we first Friday (on Saturday this week) phone dump.

Left to Right: International Fair at Expo Park, Earth Display at Expo Park, International Fair Expo Park, Noah enjoying a play car at our local grocery store, Noah’s reaction to the fighting demonstrations, our local subway, our linimo stop, more International fair, snowy Nagakute, Noah stacking, what?, Grandpa flew in for a visit, play dates with friends, ICAN kiddos, fun with legos, Happy Birthday Sarah!, ICAN Secondary kids praying.Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


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