Friday, May 18, 2012

Excuses, Excuses.

So I have been completely neglecting this blog. You are probably getting used to the pattern of me posting everyday for a few weeks and then dropping off the face of planet for a month or two and then coming back. But this time, oh this time, I have some GREAT excuses on why I haven't been around here. So here is an update on the Perry Clan, through my excuses of why I haven't had time to write on the blog.

Ready? Go!

1. I have been in full time school this semester.
It has been quite a few months. I am getting close to finishing my degree and the more classes I am taking, naturally the harder it gets. I hope to graduate in May (and Justin as well), but we have some, let's call it, "distractions" coming up in the future so we will see.  

2. We are expecting Perry #2!!!!

Ok, so this is a big distraction coming! Woo-hoo! We are beyond excited about this! BUT let me just say this. With Noah I am learning I had the perfect pregnancy. I never had morning sickness, never had many aches and pains (except for the occasional charlie horse in the middle of the night), had a five hour labor, pushed 10 minutes, and the list goes on and on. Well so far this little one has been quite the opposite. I spent six weeks unable to eat anything but Subway sandwiches and eggs (Separately of course) and spending far to long in bed or in the bathroom for reasons you can figure out on your own. I am thankfully at the end of this part of pregnancy but I had no clue it could be that bad the first trimester!

3. Justin took a History team to Tokyo and then Washington D.C!

In March, I was blessed to be able to go with Justin to Tokyo for his top history students to compete in their first ever history competition. It was an amazing trip. The students far exceeded our expectations and took first, second and third place in the individual competition and first in the group competition! Wow! This was incredible to be a part of! Because they did so well they were invited to compete in Washington DC with dozens of other schools. Justin will hopefully write a post about this soon (hint, hint honey...hah) and share details and pictures as I did not get to accompany him on this trip. He has some great stories to tell and pictures to show so come back soon and read all about it!

 4. Noah is two.

If you are or have been a parent of a two year old, I shouldn't need to write anymore than that statement alone for you to completely understand,  but for those of you who don't have kids I will fill you in. Noah is curious about everything and running around like a crazy child. He is the sweetest, smartest child I know of course, but he sure keeps me busy during the day. Between jumping off stools and eating dirt I have my hands full. And to think another one is coming, oh boy! ;)

5. I am a part of a team starting a Mother's ministry at our church. 

Yes, I am so excited about this! Our church has decided to have a monthly gathering for mothers! This is for the people who come to our church but also an outreach to the Japanese moms around us. I have high hopes for this ministry so please pray for this. This month we had a kick off event that was a Mother's Day tea. It was a great first event! We had a wonderful speaker, good food and great fellowship! I really do believe God will do great things with this ministry in the future!

Well, those are my excuses. 

I am sure I have more like typical life in another culture, trying to fit some kind of Japanese language study in, grocery store runs, school events and so on and so forth but really it has been a crazy semester. We are thankful God has used us in so many ways this semester and we are really excited to see what God has planned for us in year number three. Yes, we are coming back for a third year if you missed that annoucement.

In the next few weeks we will be wrapping up the year and heading back to the States for some family time and so Justin can take a few more classes to finish up his degree. I have many more pictures and stories to share about the past few months so come back soon and come back often! Thank you for sticking with us, even when we disappear for a while! :)  Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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  1. Amy, I love reading your blogs!! You do such a fantastic job posting things for us to read about what's going on with you guys. Sometimes I don't know how you manage to do all the things you do, and have them all turn out so great...I guess you just have that 'gift'. Love you and can't wait to see you soon.


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